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Image rendering problems for IE

Hi my images look disrupted on the IE 11 browser, and I was wondering why it was doing that since other images look fine?

This is my IE version

This is my CHROME version

How can I fix these difference? These images are PNG format and have pretty high resolution.


David Lee

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On your screenshot the images look to not be displayed at their original dimensions.

Especially if the images are PN8 8 bits, which makes them use a palette of only a few colors, browsers can have hard time to render them proprely of they have to resample them on the fly.

— make sure you’re using them at the original dimensions
— use PNG24 or Jpeg or even better, SVG if you have a vector source.

Also : always try to provide a sharing link when you ask a question on the forum, you’ll get more and better answers to your issues.

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Thank you @vincent .

I’ve taken the advice and checked if I stretched these images on webflow, and saw they weren’t stretched.

I’ve also looked for SVG files, and couldn’t obtain them yet.

Thank you for your advice, learned something new again!

Will keep in mind the link part, thank you!

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