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Image overlay on pageload

I’m attempting to overlay an image on top of another image after the page loads. I would even allow for on hover…

But I can’t seem to find a proper how-to…

Any help is appreciated


Hey! Any chance you could share your project link so that Webflow forum members can take a look at the code?

I could. I’m hesitant to do so, but I will.

Right now I have image top, and image bottom. I need the image on the bottom to stack on top of the image at the top.

I’ve used absolute positioning on the second image to place it over top of the original. I’m working on the hover animation for opacity now… Hopefully it works


I understand about making your site link available, however, it’s usually the only way other members can try to help. :wink:

Are you referring to the below two images?

Actually, now it seems that my positioning is off… but the animation is working.



I don’t see any animation.

The best thing to do is share your site using a shareable link, once we’ve resolved this then you can simply generate a new share link so that users can’t access the website. :slight_smile:

I did share the link… the image of the building fades in a new image after a couple seconds.

But I also may have found the solution.


It’s great that you found a solution to your problem! Perhaps share here so that others with a similar issue can resolve. :slight_smile:

Also, share links are different to your Website URL. With a shareable link users can access your project to see how it’s been developed, it gives us a lot more information (such as access to how you created the Interaction) vs the website URL.