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Image Overlay on Lightbox Thumb

Hey Guys!

I am having trouble creating a hover image overlay on my lightbox. Everytime I try to drop a DIV onto the lightbox image, it creates a totally new div area! Please see here;


I have tried to reshape the new div that I drop in “display” settings, but I cant seem to get it to go OVER TOP of the lightbox image!

“Help me Webflow community! You’re my only hope!”



I’ve managed to make some progress using this tutorial;

Now it looks like this;


Can anybody help me resize this to the image it is on top of? Thx!

Hi @Raolin, can you post your read-only link so we can take a peek?

Thanks in advance!

Check it out here;

The 3 images in the the “View Some of our Projects Section” are all functioning lightboxes. I essentially want to make them hoverable with “click for more images.” Just like on Webflow’s example here;

Thanks so much for helping out =D

Just to note as well, I have tried to follow the examples here;

There must be something I’m missing along the way though…

Furthermore… I think my specific issue is adding the appropriate lightbox overlay which is exemplified here;

Maybe I am doing something wrong in the settings?



Hi @Raolin - the way you get the overlay to work is by

  1. giving your lightbox a class

  2. Setting the position of your lightbox to position:relative

  3. Then taking your overlay

  4. And giving it position:absolute with a setting of “full”

  5. And making it height:100%

  6. Then give it a z-index of anything greater than 0

  7. and obviously then style it as normal. You can use hover effects to change the opacity as normal etc.

Any questions feel free to ask :smile:


Arthur-- awesome!! I will test this out soon as I get home :smiley:


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Hi @Raolin, thanks for the link. I think this demo may be helpful, but if I’m way off just let me know and I’ll take another look. One of the elements in this demo is a lightbox.

Page Title: Fade Overlay on Hover

Hope this helps!

Thanks man!! Figured it out =D


Perfect demo, dude. It solved my problem - the same by the way :smile:



Can anyone share an updated link for the demo? (

It takes me here:

Thank you!