Image overlap on scroll

I tried another platform in order to have the website done quickly, unfortunately, it’s not responsive so I’m back to webflow (the best)
I’m looking to reproduce the scrolling effect with some parallax to replace the full-screen image, like in my example
what is the name for this effect is there any tutorial for this?
Thank you very much, have a creative day :man_artist: :man_artist:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Visualife there is an easy way how to check video.

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How nice of you
Thank you soo much, Dear Stan, you are awesome
I’ll send you the result when it’s done

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I’ll be glad to see your portfolio

Hi @Stan how are you doing?
Are you interested to work on a website?
I’ll be glad to see your work

hi @Visualife I had send DM