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Hi all,

Can someone point me in the direction for how I might have a better focus image/thumbnail in the Lightbox (hero section images) on my site?

Do I need to do something in Illustrator? It makes no difference resizing in illustrator from what I can see. I have even tried turning off the ‘responsive’ aspect in webflow.

Advice appreciated all.


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Hey Phil,

Site is looking great. The images are looking pretty good on my end, but if you want them to be super sharp I’d recommend exporting them as SVGs - they all appear to be vector based so that should work out nicely :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,


Hey - thank you for the comment.

I find I get another issue when exporting with SVG and that is than some end up with a natural margin and I can’t get them the exact same size, even though they are exported at the same size.

I’ll do it now and see if I can upload a screen shot.

Thank you.

I end up with this with some SVGs and not others.

I downloaded and opened a test SVG from your site and there were some layers in there that might be causing the extra “spacing”.

I’m not sure how Illustrator handles the SVG with the clipping mask used to hide the overflow.

Would trimming the shape with the shape builder fix that gap?

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Great spot! That might well be the case - I was online with Adobe all day yesterday trying to figure this out and they didn’t come up with that.

I’ll investigate and let you know! Thank you so much for the effort you put in - hopefully the answer.

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What a spot @Kyle_Davies1 !!!

So the 3 I had issues with are the Purple, Turquoise and Yellow - all had clipping masks - if it helps anyone here, you need to click on the clipping mask and go to your pathfinder menu and ‘crop’ and this will take everything outside of your clipping mask out.

God I love these forums! Thanks again.


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