Image or row disappears in chrome


I’m having issues with this group of images.
There are 2 lines with 3 images each and it works OK with Safari but in Chrome I can only see 5 images.
Any clue as to why it may be happening?

Thank you!

Read-Only link:

Somehow one of the image is considered as broken or corrupted by Chrome. Make a new version of that image, reupload it to the site and replace it where it should.

Thank you Vincent,

I’ll try that. What is strange is that the other pages have the same problem, so the jpg file was not suspicious for me

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It’s maybe a Webflow bug or something else, what I should have said is that I have encountered the same issue a couple of time too, and the only solution I could find was to reupload a different version of the file. I haven’t noticed if Safari was showing the image well. I’ll check if there’s a next time.