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Image on top of another image

Hi There,

I’d like to put an image on top of another image - in this case, it’s a color block with a carrot over an image (see attached). Any advice on how to do that?


What do you mean carrot? Can you please share your public link?

The blue triangle that’s on top of the image I attached is sometimes called a carrot. It’s a little uptick connecting a caption to an image.

I don’t have a public link yet as I’m still learning to use this tool. Thanks.

Ahh gotcha! You learn something new everyday!

The best way to achieve that is to actually make a css triangle ( CSS Triangle inside of Webflow ) and put it in the section below and use the relative positioning to move it up into the section before.

If you are new to webflow I strongly recommend watching the videos over at They helped me immensely when I first started and saved a ton of time.

Good Luck and welcome to Webflow!

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