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Image not sizing to 100% width

I currently have a width style of 100% set for these images, but they jump around in the Designer and also publish incorrectly. I categorized this as “bug” because I have good results when I place the image and size it, but when I move to adjust some other element on the page, some of the images seem to lose the styling and jump around to different widths without explanation. Widths look fine on smaller queries. Any input on how to overcome this issue will be much appreciated!

I’ve attached a screen grab showing some of the images in question.
This is the live page:

This is my design share link (page name “National Ads”):


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello @Port_of_Folio

If you set the Lightbox Link to Stretch or 100% width, that seems to do the trick for me in both the Designer and Safari code inspector.

If you turn on the X-Ray Mode it is easier to really see what the structure of your html is doing and trouble shoot.

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OMG, thanks so much! Ok, not a bug :slight_smile:

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My pleasure. Happy designing.

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