Image not appearing on mobile live version

Hi All,

I’m pretty new to webflow. I have one image that is not being shown in the live mobile version. Please find below the image settings. I’ve tried changing the size instead of having it in “auto”, and that has still not worked. Would appreciate any help.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - RAMPA)

hi @rivicha after reassigning image source all works as expected.

What’s interesting is that in the preview, the image does appear. But in the phone mobile live version, it doesn’t
live version:

Hi Ricardo, I can replicate your issue on my iOS device, and can see that it won’t even load the SVG properly. It does grab the file, but it just appears as a fully transparent / blank image. While this could send you down a path of trying to determine why your specific file does not seem to play nice with iOS, would you consider just converting this to a PNG and see if it solves your issue?

Hey Chris,
Thanks for the response. What you said did the trick, but it’s not the ideal scenario, since the PNG image is a bit blurry. Any tips on making the SVG work?
Thanks for helping identifying the error!

The PNG shouldn’t really be blurry unless you’re scaling it up from the original size – can you re-export at 2x res? As far as why the SVG isn’t working, I honestly have no idea. I’ve never seen this issue before. Just a quick search led me to the following…

Try processing your SVG through this tool: SVGOMG - SVGO’s Missing GUI (

Try defining a size for the container Div, or simply removing it altogether and just placing the image.

Thanks, Chris!
I went with just having it as a PNG

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