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Image "jumping" out of Grid in mobile view

Hi there,

I managed to build my portfolio using Grids for the desktop version. Now that I’m satisfied with it, I started to work on the responsive versions.

However, when clicking on an image on the mobile viewer, it automatically makes it go away from the grid on the desktop version. I recorded a video to make it easier to understand :

I don’t understand why this is happening, but it’s blocking me from further work on my website, so any kind of help would be much appreciated !

Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only:

(the page where the issue is ocurring is called Manifestations)

Just curious, why are you using grid for this layout? This could easily be achieved by simply having a section and container and stacked images. Grid really isn’t meant for this and will cause far more issues than benefits. I generally avoid grid unless I absolutely need it for something ultra complex. I suggest structuring your site much simpler.

This is a good question…

I think Ive chosen Grid because it appeared to me as the easiest way to showcase and arrange images (as a totally unexperienced user in coding stuff)… But now that you’ve said that, it appears clear to me that it wasn’t the best option !

Let’s rebuild this from scratch then. Thank you for your input DFink !

I suggest watching this video to help familiarize yourself with html/css and Webflow


Good luck!