Image is NOT displaying in search results


Please check below images:

Not displaying as background image:

Not displaying as image field:

Is there something I missed out?

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Did you fix this?

It’s pulling a BG image from the CMS for me?


@Thomas_92 Nope, I haven’t fixed it. I still have the same result as displayed in the above screenshots.

Moreover, the BG image should be of products, not CMS. So what’s displayed for you is also not right. Is this a bug?

@Thomas_92 Any luck?

I see the last response was over a month ago but I am having the same problem, it is with products images not showing up… has anyone found an answer or know of one?

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I’m having this problem now. Wondering if you figured it out?

(also posted this in the other thread about this)

I figured it out! You have to re-index the site for it to show the images. Otherwise, it will take 3 days for it to re-index by itself.

You can do it like this:
hit settings on the far left hand panel, then search

Then index
You can only index it once a day unless you are on the Business plan, so keep that in mind if you are making a bunch of changes. I would make as many changes as possible without being able to see your work and then index when you’re done and hope for the best until you come back to it.

this is how my search results look right now - obviously i need to play around with the design to get it looking right.

Hope that helps!