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Image inline with text (emoji like layout)


I’m trying to create something like this example|689x427 where the images act almost like emojis along with the text. I have created something kind of similar but the image is lower and further away from the text than I would like it to be, and secondly, it is not really responsive.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated,



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Hello @Timotej_Iliev,

Welcome to the community. Try this, select your link block and change its display to flex. Let me know if that helps.

I selected your image and changed the settings.


Hi Pablo, that fixes the issue until I scale it down to the phone version, any suggestions on what to do then?

Hello @Timotej_Iliev,

I think for the phone version you will have to reduce the size of the text and the image according to your design. I mean the font size you have on desktop can not be the same font size for mobile, you will have to test what works better. Let me know how it goes.