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Image in the Way

Hey Ya’ll! If you check my link, you’ll notice the layout of my website’s home page has an issue. The “Title” image gets in the way of the navigation home menu. I was wondering if there was any way the image could JUST exist visually, and have no other impact on the design. If not, are there’s any other work arounds?

Thank you!!

Here is my site Read-Only:


Thank you for sharing. I’m not sure I understand your issue, can you elaborate or share some screen shots - that helps to understand the problem :slight_smile:

I played around a bit and I think there is a solution.

I added (don’t clone) another link block and made it fit the same as the other and set the link. Made it Absolute with a Z-index of 30. It is Transparent. I didn’t set the hover effect so you’ll need to do that part.
I made the Title Absolute with a Z of 20.

I did not try anything on the other columns, but in theory it should be the same.

The idea I had was to set up three layers and it seems to work.

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you absolute genius

thanks so much <3