Image gallery issue

Hello, i am facing problem with image gallery, as you can see in the image attached i have arranged in a row and every time i hover over the image and the image pops up, it goes under the other image, i want it to be on top of other image and not under it, please advise how to solve the issue.

Please make sure to always enable the public share link

Hello Don, thank you for the suggestion, here is the link to the site

Change the position to ‘relative’ and the z-index to 1 for the image class GAL_IMG

That should do the trick nicely.

Although, why not use a Lightbox to display the images?

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Hello Don,
Thanks for the info, it really helped me. I used lightbox and its a quick way of creating a gallery but i though if i can have more control over the setting, then i can come up with some thing creative .


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The one thing about the lightbox is the annoying inability to ‘scroll through uploaded pictures’. If you upload over a certain amount, you can’t do anything with that pic. The tool won’t scroll down to maniuplate the image. So lightbox is great for say less then 15 images but anything, you’d have to link them.

And I agree, you can do a lot more without them if you are creative enough :smile:

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