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Image elements do not have explicit width and height - Google Lighthouse


Google Lighthouse metrics just started to throw at me Image elements do not have explicit 'width' and 'height' errors - even though I have stated those attributes.

Has anyone run into problem like that? Maybe I’ve got something wrong somewhere.

Thanks for any help!

Hey Piotr, I am going through the same issue, did you find out how to solve this?

The width and height referenced in Lighthouse is the values displayed in the IMG tag, not in CSS. This is available in Image Settings.

I’m having issues setting explicit width and height in the img tag when using CMS (dynamic) image gallery field or multi-reference field connected to an image collection. Wanted to know if you knew of a way to explicitly set the width and height of different size images when they are pulled from a dynamic list?

Topic on this issue here → Link to similar forum post setting width and height