Image disappears on mobile live site but there on computer view. please help

So when I am editing the mobile device layout on webflow the sticky image at the very top of my page will be there for a couple seconds then disappears. When i publish it, nothings there.
there are no issues on the web view.
please help

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read-only URL:

Hey @parkdidit try setting Leo Image to a max width of 100% and setting a fixed or minimum height. Publish again and let me know!

alright so its not properly uploading my picture reference photo, but i made those changes. And now it respected the changes but its black still - no image there’s just the 400 fixed px height space all black ,no image.

Hm, okay. Looking more into this and it looks like the image has undefined dimensions somehow.

Try removing the image and then re-uploading it.

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okay so can you check it out now - i think i fixed that problem.

However on a different page its doing the same thing. o
On the “Ruby Janitorial” project page, if you scroll down to the text on top - somehow its fixed to a smashed against the side position.

It looks good on the editor - but when you publish it the text moves.

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