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Image crops when fixed

Hi there!

I’m designing my company’s new website, and I have a silly question on a problem I’ve been facing.
There’s an image on the main page (Background of a section) of a guy jumping in a trampoline.
I wanted to be fixed, but every time I check the ‘fix’ box in the background image it gets cropped.
I even tried changing the picture size, with no apparent result.

Could someone help me?

Hi @fools,
Thanks for the post. Could you share the read-only link to your site, that way we can take a look :smile:

Here is more info on the read-only link:

Cheers, Dave

A background-image set to fixed automatically fill the span or boundary of the entire browser window. They have to fill the whole area to enable scrolling over the entire image.


there goes the link:


Hey Dave!
Do you have any good news for me?


Do this:

@fools, I would use @vincent’s suggestion above. I would probably also set the tiling of the background image to off to avoid the image repeating on larger displays. When the site is viewed on a monitor that is larger than the image size, the image will zoom and crop.

I hope this helps, if not, let us know :smile: Cheers, Dave