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Image changes to all pages, Need help

I’m trying to change the images on one page but it changes to all other pages too.

Here is my site Read-Only: Link


Basically it happen when you using the same class name for the images. Can you point me to the specific image you are trying to change the name?

Yeah sure i’m trying to change the social media buzz section image, how to fix it ?
In the class name its shows inheriting classes.



Thanks for reply - Did you mean the icons in the attach images? Can you reply in details what you are trying to achieve and specify the page and the element that you are talking about :slight_smile:

I want to change this image but it reflects to all other pages too.


As I wrote in My previous reply - it might be happens because the class name are identical. try to add A combo class to the image you are trying to change and see if it happens again.


I have already tried adding combo classes but it did’nt work.


Can you specify the pages or the images that get affected when you change the “social media buzz” image?