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Image captions and Menu icons

Hey all!

First time posting, first time designing a webflow site so please excuse the obvious organizations issues I’ve created in my website. BUT I’m having two known problems so far and I believe that I’m to blame for this and would love some help.

  1. My site has a fullscreen gallery function for each image on the veterans portion of my website. The images have a lightbox overlay that presents the proper image captions but upon clicking the image to fullscreen it, no info is presented as a caption. Any reason why or did I forget something?

  2. This one drives me insane and I know its probably a simple fix but upon checking my website on a mobile device in portrait mode, the hamburger icons do not function at all and do not reveal the menu upon click. When turning mobile devices to landscape, this function works but turn the mobile back to portrait mode, nothing. I’m at a loss as I’m still pretty new to this all. I feel like this is a weird glitch that has a simple remedy somewhere…

Thanks so much in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only:

(This is my live link)

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Hey Evan if you’d like I think you can share a “view” or Read-only link to the community, this means that people can observe the website and understand your concerns from a first hand experience.

I believe I did that @MrGoodBar I just forgot to change the dummy text — the links above do reflect the read-only and live link to my site but here it is below as well ::


Live link to the website

Earlier I saw other posts who didnt add a link, I must have thought that it was a default helper tip, added to the end of conversations :point_down:

Also I can only confirm that the lightbox is expanding the images, but im not seeing additional captions or info. Sorry I cant be of more help at the moment, my data speeds are not good this past 2 weeks (2mbs).

no worries @MrGoodBar but youre right. the error in the design is that captions/info is missing from the images and somehow, i’m completely blanking on what i’m missing in this whole thing. Le sigh. appreciate you though for the reply

Does anyone else potentially know what issues I’m running into?