Image Callout Leaders


Just getting started from other web platforms, really liking webflow! I was wondering if someone could from some guidance or tips for creating the callout/leaders detailed in the link below.

Thanks for any help!

  • Shawn

Welcome to the community @LongBow!

Do you happen to have a read-only link available for your project that you’d like to feature the callouts?

I noticed you made another thread about hiring someone to do the work, but depending on how close you are with the design it may be easy for me to walk you through how to get the changes made yourself.

If it turns out to be more work or you’d rather someone else take care of it for you, I’d be happy to discuss the timeline and give you a quote for the work in an email or DM :+1:


Thanks for reaching out! It’s a project we are trying to complete so approaching it from all angles :-).

Would love any guidance you could provide.