Image Bleeds to Maximize Space

I cannot figure out how to make an image inside a div or a background image bleed off the parent container—specifically, with a ((( margin ))). Oh, please, Webflow Gods and Goddesses—help me to find the answer in a simple fashion. Because I am a Visual Designer with giant Dev envy. Here’s an example of a designer who has created this beautiful treatment that maximizes the real estate of her site and would love to achieve similar results; I have a lot of content I want to use.


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Hey there @melinajones,

Do you mean like in this section?:

Hi @avivtech! Thank you SO much for responding so quickly. Yes those sections of the home page. I have included an example that may help to shed even more light on what I am trying to achieve. I hope this makes sense! Any insight would be incredibly helpful.

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Did you try creating something like this?
It is fairly simple. Any photo inside a div will “bleed off” if you define its size larger than the parent div. No need of any special definitions (The default overflow for a div is Visible)

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Wow! Well that’s a no-brainer. Thank you so much for the suggestion! I will try it and report back on whether I was successful or not.


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