Image background still publishing despite removing it from class

Hey, trying to use this on my site:

Copying it across and its working fine… except I cannot remove the default confetti background image. Even if I delete it from the column class, delete it from the assets gallery, delete and replace the column class… it just keeps appearing! Have tried a new browser and incognito to check its not caching and it isn’t.

I can make it disappear in the editor by deleting it from the class, but its always appears on the published page.

Any ideas? Thanks for the advice

Hi @jhsby,

Make sure to remove the ‘confetti.png’ background from all breakpoints. It’s possible you removed it from the base Desktop breakpoint and are then previewing in in the published site at a larger breakpoint.

If you’re still having the issue let me know!

Ah that was it, thanks man!

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