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Hi guys, hope you are all well !

Here is my problem, I try to do some modification on the navbar of my website company. I want to put a “connection logo” between “ressources” and the CTA “Réserver une démo”. I would like to put a padlock at this place.

What ever I try, I dont manage to make the image appear and the link works.
I you have a solution, i would be very happy to hear it !

Here is the result i want to get :

Here is my read only link : Webflow - Blacksales

  1. Select your login link and give it a .lock combo class so next modifications don’t affect other links with the same class.
  2. Use background image to add your lock icon. Set it to non repeat, se the appropriate size and alignment/position.
  3. edit the left padding on the link to account for the width of the lock icon.
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