Image appears differently on laptop vs. desktop


I am having an issue when I try to get one of my images to overlap another. When I publish the site, the desktop version will have the image in the exact location I have it on my designer, but the laptop shows the image overlap a little off the mark.

This only happens when I have the image in a container with % widths defined. I am guessing the container is what allows the image to look the same across all screen sizes. How can I get these images to look the same on both desktop and laptop while having everything nice and centered?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Thank you!

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Hi Shokoaviv!

So I actually figured it out last night after hours of attempts. It appears that when my container had a 100% width and 78% max width, it was causing this difference across device (desktop vs. laptop). When I changed the class of the container away from “container” to something random, it got rid of these dimensions and all of a sudden everything was represented correctly on both desktop vs. laptop. I think the width dimensions were the cause of the issue, although I couldn’t say why particularly!