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Image appear on hover

Hi there,

I have an effect on my site that when you scroll over the menu a different picture appears on hover for the different projects. However, when using this the link is only usable on the far left of the page as the div containing the images are in the centre covering it. My issue is how do I make the link usable across the width of itself and have the images still appear in front?

P.S Complete n00b and I am aware my project setup is a complete dumpster fire.


Hi @harrymoses

Try to give your “image-hold” class a z-index: -1


Hello @reienf

Thanks for the response firstly. I have put the class at Z-index: -1, however the text appears in front of the image now. Is there a way of it being in front and the link and hover effects still working the full width of the text?