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I'm Yamen, I use cool tech to make art

Hi Webflow community,

I’m Yamen, an indie artist living in Oregon. I run an art blog called Complicated Reality where I share my generative, procedural, and fractal art alongside microfiction in a daily digest format. I’m currently set up on Squarespace, but looking to streamline my site and take a bit more control. I’ve enjoyed using the Webflow editor, and the framework here for setting up a proper CMS makes more sense than other options I’ve tried.

My live site can always be found at:

But depending on when you’re reading this, that may still load the Squarespace site as I haven’t finished building my Webflow site. If you ever need any help making trippy art to accompany a project, feel free to send me a message.

I look forward to learning from those of you who share your experience with the community, and improving my understanding of how to construct an effective website.


Well that’s an excellent case for a before / After post here if you have to time to write it and document it :slight_smile: better than how the site looked before and after, what would be really interesting is to know what benefits in your workflow you found using Webflow, what makes it the obvious choice for your site. Also what was better on Squarespace, I know Webflow people always look for ways to make the service better!

Welcome here!

Edit: some of your trippy patterns are outstanding!

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Wow, I really like your blog, it looks gorgeous. Recently I’ve been looking for a lot of sites like yours, as I plan to create my own blog too. I want to teach people to draw, post various ideas and tutorials, like on this blog, for example