I'm using free library design elements. How do I use blog list element as a collection list to bind to collection items?


I am using free design elements from webflow library. I have used a blog list element on my homepage. Is it possible to use that element as the collection list? I know how to drop a collection list in to my homepage and do a basic design and connect each element to a field but I’d prefer to use the free design library blog list element.


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Hi Lachie, the process is the same.
The libraries give you sets of elements and styles to work with, it’s up to you as to how you use them.

If you want to wire one up to a CMS data, then you place the elements you want inside of a collection list or on a collection page and wire them up.

Thanks Michael. I’ve just got my head around how the containers/div blocks work. My collection list was outside of the blog templates div block and I couldn’t make the layout look the same as the blog template. Getting there slowly! Thanks for your help.