Im trying to use this cloned search icon to work on my site without success

Hi there

I am trying to put this search style onto my new site without success. does any one know how??

this is the icon im trying clone

and this is my site


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @Hobbitrock83 Paul,

Watch this video: (Edit: I forgot to add the video before, :blush: ), I made the discovery further along in the video of your issue. You can skip ahead if you like. I find the issue at about the 4:00 min mark.

Happy Designing,

hi brandon thanks for that. you have been incredibly helpful but i think you missed the issue i was referring too. i basically want to get the search function working, the interactions i have figured out but i cant get it to search my site unfortunately. if you have any clues on how to get that to work that would be amazing??

Thanks again Paul

Your read only link return 404

sorry mate. not sure whats happening there. here it is


Take A look at the video below and let me know if it is what you are trying to achieve

hi shokoaviv

cheers for that but i think youve missed what i im struggling with. the issue is the search function. i want to be able to type a band name and for the search to find it, if you know what i mean??

thanks again paul


Thought the interaction is not working for you. Anyway, did you try to publish?

Hi @Hobbitrock83,

Sorry for the confusion, in your message you spoke about the styling, which my video was about.

However, to get the search function to work, you MUST have CMS or Business Hosting added to this project’s account before you will see results.

Hope that answers your question?

Happy Designing,

P.S. your search styling still doesnt work in the share link!

cheers for that brandon. i just figured that out myself. thanks anyways. going to look for a third party integration. thanks for the help though mate. i really appreciate it