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I'm trying to make a non-responsive website


I’m trying to make a non-responsive website. I need a webpage that only changes scale, instead of responding to different sizes (tables, mobile etc.) I need the webpage to show up tiny when on a cellphone and medium-sized on a tablet etc. like any non-responsive website. I only want the browser to modify the scale. Is there any way I can do this in Webflow? (Especially features like sliders and such).


It’s a bit like wanting a tesla but “not an electric one” (which can be understandable if you like the design of the car, but the lanufacturer isn’t going to make one for you. Same for WF, I understand you want the ease of designing, minus the responsivity). But everything in Webflow is tailored for responsivity.

You can still design your website the way you want, export the code and kill all the CSS code regarding breakpoints, but it probably mean altering @media code in your project’s CSS, in Webflow’s CSS etc. Not very easy or practical.

Hi @thorugarcia, I am not entirely clear what your end goal is. Are you trying to get something where the content always appears on the viewport, and there is no scroll?

Cheers, Dave

So you basically just want to make a desktop version of your site?

Your confusing people by saying “I want the browser to modify the scale”. That is not how it works. responsive design is how you tell a browser to modify the scale. If not then the browser just renders your single site in each devices browser the best way it can. Which is not very good, especially on mobile.