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I'm struggling to get an image to fill the image box, and center position? Please help!

I need to create a header image and I need it to be 75 viewport height and I need the image to fill the frickin image box completely and center position inside.

I am going frickin crazy having mucked around with this for two hours. HELP!!!

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Hey :wave:

I took a look at your project, I’m not sure then end result you’re trying to get. Have you added 100vw to the width of the image?

hi im looking at it and I think you are trying to set image and not the container.
Reset everything on the image to normal and only set the div to 75VH
Is that what you want?

I have reset everything and put the div height to 75vh. Now it looks like this.

What I want is in the sketch above.

I am about to throw my mac out the window. This is ridiculous, such a simple fricking thing and it makes no sense! Not lashing out at you people, just webflow!

I just want my fricking header image to always fill 75% ofg the VH. and I want it to completely fill the box. No white space on either side!. always full b leed, and fro the bottom centre. Not aligning to the left or right.

Heeeeelp please before I destroy a computer.

tick overflow hidden.
its hard for us to know exactly what you want even via the diagram. we will get there.

This is what I want:

Hey, thanks but it didn’t work

Please, help, because I have 12 pages to do once this template is fixed. And I need to do it tonigjt.

I am looking at it.
I will post when I stop.

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@kastleblack my recommendation for images that will be changing sizes is to implement a DIV container and place them as a background image with COVER position.

The Image will lose the ratio for every device if you set fixed sizes.

right I think I cracked it.
And I think you want to me to tell you.
I have no idea why but for this to work you need to tell the image what width it is.
Not on the element but in the assets.
Default is greyed auto but change this to 4000 which the image is and presto.
PS put the 75VH back on the image and not div. in other words as you were.

If I am indeed correct, tick the heart (as before) and solution.


I’m not sure what you mean. In assets I cannot change the image size.

What I did now is change the div width to 4000px and the image height to 75VH.

Now it looks like this:

I will try …

Assets is where you load the pictures.
Click the cog wheel and you see dimensions and below you can change it.

Not possible to change anything in assets.

see video below:

there is no such thing called backgground image, only background video.

darn. my bad, I mean on image element, click the cog or image settings and change the width to 4000.
Funny could have sworn you could do it in assets.
Go about 6 things on the go here as well. applogies.

didn’t work.

how the heck is something so bloody complicated.

3 hours on one damn image. I am going insane and in tears.