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Im new to Webflow! My first site - please give feedback :)

Hi all

My first site. -

Its not complete but its nearly there.

Check it out - its for a family member in the film production business.

Let me know your thoughts and feedback.



That’s really cool that the EPIC title shows up in front of a totally EPIC sunrise :slight_smile: Works pretty well :slight_smile:

The site is well refined and well balanced. Can I say 2 things that can be better?

The primary menu could be more on par with the rest of the site, with a smaller, more discreet and elegant font for the menu items.

The sections and their titles often appear as 2 different elements. For the Get in touch title, I would place it inside the section itself, before the section title. For the Films section, I would put a white margin on the sides so the section will appear like a unique white block. For the What we do title, I would get rid of it entirely, and write We Provide Full In-House Productions below, it acts as a title by itself.

hey @jgammon

Is this your very first site or your first webflow site ?

Great job !

Thank you @vincent :slight_smile:

Hey @Blaise_Posmyouck

Thank you!

Yeah my first ever website.

Im going to try to make it as a freelancer and break out of the business im in now - webflow is enabling me to do this. :slight_smile: