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Im clearly not understanding the interactions menu

Hi so I have returned to dabble in creativity within Webflow once again.

Many improvements have occurred since my last visit, including the Interactions UI.

Within my preview I have a grid with 4 columns, I have set up a move up and fade in / move down fade out on hover in/out on the View Recipes column that is working as intended. I wanted to replicate this across each column but have it operate independently per coulmn. When you hover over the venue column you will see that it fades in and up but also causes the recipe column to do the same, like it is linked to the same combo class.

I gave each tile link block a combo class and (I thought) set the interactions to animate the specific combo class for its column.

I am not that experienced technically, but I am a visual designer at heart trying to learn the ropes using webflow. If I pull this off the company has agreed to pay for all future fees to access the full version of web flow, opening myself up for further income.

Thanks in advance,

Here is my public share link:
[1]: http:////

I am not quite sure if I understand what you are trying to do. Usually, if I want to use an Interaction with multiple Elements I change the interaction from Element to “Class” and then select Children.

Here is how ( Video )

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Thank you Luka,

This did the trick, I missed this bit of the UI.

Appreciate you helping.