Iframe in hidden tab - not showing correct height

I have a number of embedded forms that are not behaving nicely with the new design.

If I load the tab with the form (first) then its fine.
But the information tab is the one that gets loaded first, so I am dealing with the following issue.

cut off iframe page.

It is mainly a problem with IE/MS Edge, and Firefox.
safarai (pc) works perfectly
and chrome works, but is actually doing the opposite and ADDING a ton of extra space below the form.

ANY help would be appreciated.
I have been trying to tinker with some jquery/java solutions but because it is not the same domain where the iframe is coming from, and also because the iframe ID is not something I can congtrol the name of using the embed code they give me, I am a little stuck…

here is [example link.][1]
[1]: http://www.cloverins.com/products/personal-line/farm-insurance

remember, this does work on some browsers, just not MS Edge (windows 10), IExplorer (what does work with IE), and Firefox…
oddly enough if I click the tab with form on it’ quickly’ enough, it actually will load right.
and if i click in the DOM around the iframe it will sometimes load automatically as well (very odd).

anyway. thanks again.