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iFrame embed, SOLVED

Hello all!

I’m looking for the Webflow equivalent of a transcript embedder that you can find on this website:

That’s a wordpress plugin. If you go down further, you can see a “transcript embed.”

How would I go about doing that on Webflow? I wanted to put it on my podcast template webpage.

I now know it has something to do with embedding iFrame code. Now it’s a matter of finding a way to include a different transcript for every episode.

I’ve now embedded this code: <iframe srcdoc= "**this is the field that i can use with the add field button**" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="none">

Only running into the problem of not being able to use rich text now. I need rich text. I really barely know any code.

I now created a whole new collection list called “podcast transcripts” where I created a new page with rich text. Then I used a reference in my actual podcast episode collection list. I updated the iFrame code to include the slug to the reference:

still shows up like this even though hypothetically it should work?

By the way, here’s my preview link to my website:

Now when I put the slug in directly: “” instead of replacing the slug with a field in the code editor, it works! So I’m on the right track. Just can’t figure out why the field is not working.

Bam, got it! I realized the slug is only the end part of the link after the .com instead of the full link. I added the part up to the .com and then threw a field in the end.
Sweet, hopefully this helps someone out in the future.