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iFrame code is no longer pulling in the website I need? [Solved]


I have an iframe setup on a clients website to pull in a gallery. It was working before any updates, and it has been working for quite some time now. I don’t understand why it will not work now? I even used codepen and it worked perfectly on there as well.

Link to shared site:

Pen to prove it works outside of Webflow.

Hi @seank!

Thanks for the detailed information, and the website looks absolutely wonderful so far! I’m happy to help resolve this for you.

In the CodePen example, I noticed a small syntax error that CodePen automatically corrects and displays:


Would you be able to check the syntax in your problematic Embed Elements and republish? If you could list the pages with the specifically problematic Embeds, that would also be very helpful! If the syntax shown above and below isn’t the cause, I’m willing to help further.



Here’s an example:


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@Andrew ty that it was… i wonder how that got removed… weird. That fixed it thank you.

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Always happy to help!

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