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Iframe 360 photo won't work

Need to build in a 360 photo with HTML embed tool

Used this code

For some reason doesn’t work (black screen or error message (Adobe Flash, webGL))

If I open the link itself ( it works ok on phones. And we tried to place it in Tilda web site constructor it also worked ok.

Is it somehow related to some webflow settings?

Also tried fixed size for HTML embed. didn’t work.

Also tried to place it outside of the modal, it worked ok for the first time and then again started showing the same error.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]1
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Here’s the error is shows in mobile. Tried fixed size of HTML embed in pixels as well…

I checked your site and it is working fine on my phone.

These days it is rare but please check if your device/browser supports WebGL or most probably check if it is disabled. Also check from other devices to be sure.

Hi, thanks for checking. The problem is it’s not working not only on my phone but on other phones I asked to check, like 6-7 different people.

I wonder if there’s a script that makes sure WebGL is on in a browser the site is being opened in.

On the other hand when I just open the link with the panorama photo it works perfect on any phone.

I just noticed that in the top post the code I’m using is not shown. I will add it to the top one.

On my side I’m not getting any issue, I checked in few mobiles.

And as you side that direct link is working, then I’m pretty sure it should work on your site as well.

Maybe I’m missing something here but I’m not able to diagnose the issue right now.

Please mention your device and browser that you’ve used or if the issue is on all browsers? So maybe someone else might be able to help.