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If u design Mobile pages (no web needed), how do u start and setup ur canvas etc?

hey there folks,

Im really stuck somehow… I want to design a Mobile view only based on a responsive design.

What Im stuck with is, how do I start ?
Do I start with the Desktop version even I dont need it ?
Setting sizes/styles there etc isnt any respresentitive since
it wont look like in my desired mobile view.
also I have to work twice, since I have to edit all mobile view styles / sizes etc…

So starting from Mobile View directly is ok ? (if I start previewing in browser without mobile
emulator, it looks obviously like a mess, only mobile views look like they should…

so how do u or I should start best with ?

Hi @rico,

If you want only mobile view, why you´re wondering that desktop looks like a mess, when you don´t make any styles for them.

Most say start with mobile, because mobile first design, but webflow is more desktop first. In my opinion it really doesn´t matter. I start with desktop and if there looks all pretty I start designing the mobile views.

So if you site looks mobile fine and you want only mobile, then you´re finish, but otherwise you have simply style you´re page for desktop and then your finish.

For desktop and tablet, you can add a fixed screen that says “This website is made for mobile, please use a mobile device”. Create a fixed div with a high z-index, and select this to show only on Desktop and tablet (or whichever devices you want)

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