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If, Then or Something Like That


I’m relatively new to WEBFLOW but wanted to skip ahead and ask this question about INTERACTIONS.
In scripting, I know you can do something like, IF, THEN = DO THIS kind of event.

How is this done in WEBFLOW? Like, I want something to appear only if an event, or a section is opened first.

I hope I’m clear at what I’m trying to do here.

E.G.: If you finish visiting all the LINKS, only the NEXT button APPEARS…


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The if then of Webflow works with pre-setuped triggers.

Load, Scroll, Click, are the most popular.

So it’s limited to this, for example, the click trigger, If clicked then {perform what’s setuped: visibility, transforms etc}.

The Scroll trigger will let you set If Goes out of viewport, if comes in viewport then {same}

So you can imagine making your e.g. with interactions, but that would be… a bit long/cumbersome to make, also tricky (like nesting the last button within 3 hidden divs, and passing those divs visible each time a link is clicked (one link=one div)… requires 3 interactions. Of course, that makes much more sense to write JS code for that.

You’ll see that some people have made crazy complicated and awesome interactions but that’s almost a “sport”. Interactions are they’re thought in WF are limited to simple stuff.

Hi, @vincent

I’m slowly beginning to realize that after working with this tool for 3 days now. Thank you for your input. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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My pleasure, don’t hesitate.

There are some limitations. But after reading things on the forum from Webflow people this week, I believe they’re aiming to get rid of any limitation… going to take time, but that’s where the tool is going.

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