If I make something custom/cool... how do save it?

I made a custom drop down menu, slider, nav, and some other stuff and I want to be able to save them and add them to any of my projects in the future. I want to start building a collection of things I really like and can insert into new projects without having to rebuild them?

how do I do this? Is there a way to save this stuff in one place?

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There might be a better way to do this when Layouts comes out of beta, but for now, I just copy and paste elements between my websites. Any inherited styles will change, but the basic layout, style and animations will be automatically copied with your element & child elements.

Just select the element you want to copy and hit ctrl/cmd+c (ctrl/cmd+v to paste in your new project)

Cool. I will make a new project and put everything in there. The functionality is the most important thing since each website will have it’s own design style.


Just to chime in, I do the same as @Optimus0087. Like he said, maybe there is a better way (would love to learn / know it) but for now I have a project specifically for this and a new static page for each of these things that I then copy / paste. It’s my own UI Kit.

Some people like to just have a dedicated project for storing key “components” they create, as a library for copying from.

Others build their on version of a library service like relume, or they use a 3rd party service like copyflow-

I was excited to see Copyflow posted, it looks like a great tool and was hoping it fixed this problem, but I don’t think it does.

You can make your components private, and password protect them. But I’m not sure it’s any easier / quicker for the problem stated here, and that I experience myself.

  • With Webflow, I have to have another tab, with Webflow open to copy / paste from.

  • With Copyflow, I have to have another tab, with Copyflow open to copy / paste from.

Copyflow is nice. The authors did a great job. You can make your component private, and password protected. That’s fantastic. You can engage with other like minded folks and potentially use their work. That’s great, but… it looks like this (very nice) tool serves a different purpose.

What I want is something within Webflow.

I want to go to the existing components menu and grab a component from any project within my account - versus only the component within the current project.

That’s what removes friction and keeps my work private.