If I hoste with a different provider but want to use the webflow design

i’ve registered my domain name … with iPage.com, can i use Webflow to design my site and stay with iPage?

With the appropriate plan you can export the code from webflow and upload it to another server of your choice for hosting. You cn’t do this at all if you’re using CMS though.

But ipad is another website builder, it’s not a hosting service per se. So no.

What do you mean by the appropriate plan? Could you be more specific, pls!? And also if I have built or needed to do future updates to the site using Webflow - does it allow to export my work to any other hosting service easily - in this case iPage, or would you say that CMS of Webflow is very specific to them and they, of course, would try to retain you as their customer through CMS restrictions and it’s not as simple? Would you say it’s rather preferable to design, build the site through more straightforward coding inc dreamweaver or adobe muse let’s say? Thank you very much for your reply Vincent.
Also, iPage is a big hosting service too.
What would you say?

If you get a plan that allows you to export the “raw website” ie: html / css / js / images / etc…
then you can take that “raw code” to any hosting provider and it should run without any issues.

For example: we run our own dedicated servers - so we can also host websites.
We create the website in Webflow - then export the “raw code”.
Then… after setting up the domain (one time)… we can upload / ftp the raw code to our server.
At that point - it’s accessible / live on the internet.

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thank you very much :slight_smile:

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