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If I don't change the A-record before 30. April. What happen then?

I am waiting for my clients login to his domain provider. But I don’t know if I get it today. What happens if I get it after April 30th? - Because I received an email that this should be done before April 30th.
Thank you so much for answer me as soon as possible.

Can nobody answer me??

Hey @neanea6060,

Could you please let us know who gave you the deadline for April 30th?

Webflow did!
They start: We’re still asking all customers with websites hosted on custom domains to update their A records in their domain name service (DNS) provider by April 30th, 2021. That’s next week.

and they also say:

How do I update my A records?

  1. Go to your project(s) using custom domains
  2. Copy the updated A records shown in your project’s settings
  3. Add the new A records in your DNS settings in your domain registrar’s or DNS host’s dashboard
  4. Wait 24 hours or use a DNS checker like to ensure your new A records are live
  5. Go back into your DNS settings and delete the old A records

and by the way, I have change it for one of my customer, - but only did this:
I change the two A records I shown in your project’s settings, with

    Nothing more…
    I have not been in to ensure it. And why shall I go back to the DNS setting? - and what shall I delete, as I have change this two who were there, so there is only the two A-records, and I have change them with the above. So why do I have to delete it?


This is a bit weird to me as there is no requirement to have this updated in any circumstances and not mention I never got an email for any of my custom domain projects.

Could you please make sure the email you have received is from domain.

I have got several e-mails about this to change the A-records.
And you can also read about it here: Update A records to improve site load speed and reduce redirects | Webflow Features

Thank you for linking the article. It actually mentions what happens if you do not make the deadline to update the A records. In short, nothing too drastic at all.