If I am using .webflow.io as a staging domain for testing and feedback, is it safe to use unlicensed stock shots until they are approved?

I want to show my site to my clients with low-res stock shots so that if I can get them approved, I’ll buy them before I make it live on its domain. Will I be open to stock libraries being able to search my site and potentially start legal action against me? Is it safe for me to do this?

When you host on a webflow.io domain your site is not visible to search engines because it uses a crawler blocker .TXT file.

So nobody will be able to find it without the exact URL. I’m not sure about legal action, but if you wanted to be EXTRA safe you could password protect that page until you have the licence. And then give your clients the password so only they can view it?

Many thanks James. That sounds good to me.

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You do need to make sure that’s disabled though. There is a switch in the settings to enable/disable the indexing of the subdomain.

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Thanks Sarah
Is that available in the free version?

@Alleyne I’m pretty sure it is. Go to ‘SEO’ under project settings and see if it’s available. This is what the switch button looks like. Yours will have the name of your website of course.

That’s great thanks.
I appreciate your time.

I’ve just checked and it’s not available on the free service.