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If a sitemap is not published, is it possible for someone to find "hidden" pages on your site?


I have a site with sensitive data on it stored in the cms - where there is no option to password protect pages. These pages only need to be accessed through URLs so it works fine. If I don’t publish the sitemap, is there any other way that someone can find these pages?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Logically, no. Practically, yes. If someone or a program wants to find something, they’ll actively look for it.

But don’t do it, find another way.

Robots crawl the web, not only Google’s, ot only search engine robots. They can use predictive strategies to reach pages that aren’t linked. There’s more and more data to steal. It was payment infos, then personal stuff for impersonation, now cryptocurrencies data. This trend is only getting stronger.

Sensible data online must be encrypted at the very least. You’re using a service (Webflow) and even if you password protect a page, well, anyone working for the service can access it.

Ok, that sounds ok to me. It’s not super sensitive data so it’s fine! But thank you for all the info…

I think a toggle feature where pages / cms collections can be hidden from the sitemap would be a great addition to Webflow.

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