IE8 - Branding/logo area in Nav doesn't appear in IE8

I believe that this question has been asked but haven’t seen a specific answer. I am wondering if anyone has a clue why the default “brand” link block that the Navbar creates doesn’t appear in IE8? It seems I can manually ad a div and image to create my own logo, but the default navbar element seems to have issues.

Anyone have a minute to take a peek at this?



I think I figured this out! It seems that the “brand” element in the Webflow navbar has a width of “auto”. If you keep it set to auto, it won’t display in IE8. After adding the logo image, I simply set the width of the “brand” element to match the width of my logo image and, IT WORKS!

Thanks! JFly

Had you tried to add you image as a background of the element rather than as an image inside? This makes a crucial difference. As a bg, it doesn’t give the html element any clue to calculate its size, so when you publish, the brand element loses its default dimension values given by webflow designer and gets to h 0 w 0. In that case you need to give it dimensions.

By putting an image in it, it will take up the image dimensions and display, even on IE8, normally.

Hi @vincent - actually, I wasn’t using a background image as I figured it would not set a width. So, I was using a real img inside of the brand link-block. But even when I dropped an image into it, unless I specifically set a width (or height) it was simply invisible.

Odd, I know. But we are talking about IE :wink:

I was hoping we could leave all the IE jokes behind by now, maybe I’m wrong! I just quickly tested a bunch of my websites with IE8 to see how Brand was behaving, so far so good. Could you tell me what OS version you’re in too, and the exact IE8 version (or if it’s up to date)? Thank you!

Thanks @vincent - sorry for the IE crack.

Since I am working with a client with very low/unknown target specs (IE8 - IE10 as a minimum), for testing purposes, I set up a VirtualBox and did a stock install of IE8 running form WinXP. I did not update IE8 yet. Since I wanted a “worst case” scenario. The version of IE8 is 8.0.6001.18702

FYI - Here’s the test site I put together as a quick proof-of-concept to see which Webflow features would work in IE8

Designer Site:

Oh no I wasn’t complaining about you joking… I mean, IE deserves everything, it’s been my nightmare for years and years… I was just hoping that with Webflow (and IE being better) we would not HAVE TO continue joking :smile: Webflow could have a slogan around that, like “Designers who work with Webflow love IE” :wink:

I’ll test but I think xp+IE8 might be the losing combo here…

The link you give me is supposed to work with xp+IE8, right? I would have tested ie8+win7/8 otherwise…

Thanks for the clarification - I wasn’t sure about your tone, so I turtled into apology :slight_smile:

Yeah - XP is what VirtualBox installed with IE8 (actually it came stock with IE6!!). Maybe I can figure out how to install Win 7 with IE8… What about Vista? Is that even a factor in the world of possible configuration scenarios?

What’s better is to use a test site. is a good one, not too expensive, and there’s a free tier so you can test your thing right away.

I feel I can elaborate: I’m an old dog too and I’m tired maintaining 8 VMs for the sake of testing weird bugs. Best case scenario, I educate my clients about testing and make them pay the testing services fees.

Thanks - I actually do use Browserstack but find the slowness can be a bit frustrating.

Hi @JFly, here is my result using browserstack with XP and IE8:

Does this look correct?


Yes. That looks right. You’ll see that I had to explicitly set a pixel width on the “brand” link block to get the log to display…

It’s ugly (by design) so it looks correct! Thank you!!

Hi @JFly, yep, I noticed that 172px width. I think that is needed for IE8. since it is only 172px though, it should not be too much of an issue :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it is working, you are now the champion Webflow legacy browser expert :wink:

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