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IE Issue - Red outlines and divs not loading


New to the forums and webflow.

I’m loving it so far.

I have a couple of questions regarding IE

Here is my site so far - just a homepage - links wont work for other pages

This is loading fine in all other browsers on desktop

But on IE - every element on the page has a red outline when hovered over - sections, divs, links, images etc

So any fix for that issue would be great - the next issue is animations - i’m fine with them degrading and not working on IE - but the fact that they are disappearing completely is bad - i.e. all the content vanishes that is attached to an animation.

Any help on both these issues will be much appreciated.


Hi, can you please share, what version of IE is having the issue, and what version of Microsoft Windows are you running?

We can take a look on the simulator. It may however come down to a IE browser page rendering issue, which in that case, we cannot help too much with that. But we will look to confirm the details for that system if you can send the info on versions.


Thanks Cyberdave,

Having checked again - i was running really old IE8 - i work on a mac and haven’t loaded my pc in several years - didn’t realise my IE was that old.

Although on second testing the red outline issues have disappeared so I’m not sure what was causing that and also the animations kinda worked and content loaded - only my hidpi images were big not small.

Also, I’ve just tested it on IE11 now after downloading it and it loads perfectly.

All in all problem pretty much solved itself :slight_smile: sorry for the hassle

Thanks again!


Ok, good to hear that it worked out :smile:

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