IDX Feed Implentation - JS Errors

Hello fellow Webflowers,

I’m working with a real estate client who needs an IDX integrated into their site. I found some other posts where people said they were able to do so. However, I’m having trouble trying to get mine to work.

There is a search bar and a featured listings feed. I couldn’t get them to work correctly, so I emailed iHomeFinder (the IDX company) to see if they knew of a solution. Upon inspection in the Chrome Developer tool, I’m getting a Javascript error for both embeds. They told me to remove any other widgets on the site that aren’t made by their company. However, I don’t have any other widgets. I also don’t know much Javascript so I don’t know what these errors could mean.

Any idea what I can do? Has anyone out there successfully integrated an IDX feed? Thanks so much in advance!