Identifying web projects that you have paid for

Correct me if I’ve missed something or something isn’t clear.
With Client Billing now being phased out, we as web developers are in most cases paying for the project’s annual subscription and then billing our clients back.
I recently got an invoice for such an ecommerce project from Webflow and I have no idea which project it relates to! The invoice makes absolutely no reference to the Webflow project, just that I have been billed "1 Site × Ecommerce Standard Hosting (at $348.00 / year), from Sep 14th 2022 "
Surely it would make common sense for Webflow Billing to attach some sort of project reference to their invoices?

I know it can be the case, if yes ask Support.
But if you download the invoice from the email you’ve received (Download as pdf link), don’t you find that line on the side block?

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This is what my Webflow Invoice PDF looks like

Yep I have some that are like this too

Another invoice in from Webflow this morning… absolutely no idea which client it is for!
C’mon Webflow, if you’re retiring Client Billing at least provide invoices that have make sense by having project reference…