Identifying 3rd party static assets?

Hi there. I’m currently working my way through a udemy course on page speeds. On one of my website reports it states that the render-blocking time is extremely high, particularly on mobile. I’m going through the process of elimination and one of the possible causes is 3rd party requests. They have instructed to localise the assets but nowhere do they confirm how to identify them throughout your site code???

Does anyone have any experience with this? Or other causes for possible long render times? I’m currently learning and although amazing to learn it’s a steep learning curve!

Thanks a million! :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK(Webflow - Online Presence)]
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Hey !

On your page, you have heavy image who take much Time to load.

Compress them and your result would be better !

Have you enable the minification of JS an CSS ?

Hi @mickael_bsd ckael , I just noticed your response. Interestly enough envato (company I use for stock imgs) just sent me a reply. I was asking if, when loading, they needed 3rd party authorization. They do. So when loading they permission is being requested from Envato before loading. They state I need to store them on my own server. Would you or anyone else know how to do this? And have you had any of this trouble in your own projects.

Many thanks for all your help.