Ideas on how to incorporate multi-reference fields using the Webflow API?


I’m trying to populate multi-reference data on various pages (not on the collection item’s page, but outside of it). Currently, this is not possible using the designer, so I was thinking to use custom code. The first option I was considering was to make an API call to fetch the data from the collection and present it using an embed item. The problem here (if I understand it correctly) is that it would cause a security issue. The other option I was considering is to use an external Google Sheets file where all the data will be stored. In that case, there won’t be any multi-reference fields, and the client will have to update a sheet instead of a nice CMS front, but it should technically be possible to do using Zapier (I think :sweat:).

Did anyone figure this out already?


Welcome back @pitz, its been awhile since we have seen you.

I have sent this up the food chain to the coders of the group, but have you reached out to Tech support. They might be able to get you a more honest answer?

As my experience tells me though, that Multi-reference is designed specifically for cms collection lists.

Your first line depicts that you are trying to use mult-ref on various pages, which you CAN do with a collection list placed on each static page. Without that collection list on those pages, you wouldnt be able to use multi-ref.

If I am not reading your issue correctly, could you show me what it is you are referring to?

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Thanks @QA_Brandon, it’s been a while indeed!

I reached out to tech support, and @cyberdave gave some direction, and encouraged me to drop a line here too.

When I try to populate fields outside of a collection item’s page, I get only the regular fields as an option. Multi-ref fields are available only when I design the item template page, which is great, but that’s not what I need. For example, on the homepage, I want to show an item name and image, as well as related news to that item. The news are coming from another collection.

Thanks again for thinking along

@pitz would you mind adding your share link here for reference?

Im a visual person. lol

Sorry Brandon, it’s a confidential project at the moment. I’ll try to recreate something similar and send asap.


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