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Ideas on how to implement this unique form

Hi guys,

I’m wishing to use a similar idea to the yelp rating system and using my own svg images to create the desired effect, however I wouldnt mind boucing the idea off before i begin the process.

Here is the desired effect :

These are my svg icons:

Would i do the following:

  1. Create exact copy of svg in a lighter shade
  2. Create 6 versions
    a - No rating (5 light yellow)
    b - 1 rating (1 bright yellow, 4 lighter yellow)
    c - 2 rating (2 bright yellow, 3 lighter yellow)
    d - 3 rating (3 bright yellow, 2 lighter yello)
    e - 4 rating (4 bright yellow, 1 lighter yellow)
    f - 5 rating (5 bright yellow)
  3. On hover appear all bright yellow
  4. Create click interaction on desired rating by showing the 1/6 versions.

How is the direction so far??

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Take a look on this:

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